Active Aqua Bottom Draw Pump Adapter, 7/8″

Product Highlights

  • Adjustable lock height Steady flow rate.
  • No leaking!

About This Item

Active Aqua Bottom Draw Pump Adapter, 7/8″:

  • 3/4″ adapter – fits our 250 gph and 400 gph Active Aqua pumps

  • 1″ adapter – fits our 1000 gph Active Aqua pumps

Now you can make your submersible pump draw from even lower in your tank without turning the pump sideways, causing it to draw more from the floor of the tank.  7/8″ opening accommodates our Active Aqua line of 550 gph and 800 gph submersible pumps or other brands with the same size water intakes.  Also useful when draining tanks for draining more water, closer to the bottom of the tank.