AquaBackUp Oxygen Infuser 500

Product Highlights

  • A revolutionary oxygen infusion system!
  • Keeps up to 10 lbs of fish alive with Battery On.

About This Item

AquaBackUp Oxygen Infuser 500:

  • The Oxygen Infuser 500 keeps up to 10 lbs of fish alive
  • Multiple Infusers can be run off of one AquaBackup BatteryOn with Oxygen Infuser
  • Operates on 12 volts DC
  • Uses a Rule® 500 pump
  • Power Draw
    • Air Valve Open – 0.90 amps
    • Air Valve Closed – 1.40amps
  • Water speed is adjustable for each species.
  • The three silicone suction cups will attach to any smooth flat surface.

This brilliant little device is the perfect DC companion to the AquaBackup BatteryOn with Oxygen Infuser. Air is infused with the water at the pump impeller. The micro-fine bubbles produced, are sent out of the pump and into the tank containing life giving oxygen to your fish. The millions of micro-fine bubbles are so small that they remain suspended in the water longer thus providing more oxygen for your fish.