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Product Highlights Beneficial Nematodes do not affect humans, animals, or plants.  Beneficial Nematodes (BN) will r...

Product Highlights

  • Beneficial Nematodes do not affect humans, animals, or plants. 
  • Beneficial Nematodes (BN) will remain effective for about 2 years.

About This Item

Beneficial Nematodes Mail-Back:

  • Beneficial Nematodes (Steinernema feltiae) are microscopic in size and cannot be seen with the naked eye. But the 7 million active units in each pint container will hunt down, penetrate, and kill most soil dwelling pests.
  • Beneficial Nematodes (BN) will remain effective for about 2 years, but annual applications are recommended. Refrigerate if not using immediately (35-40 degrees).
  • BN will attack over wintering adult insects, pupae, diapausing larvae, and grubs when they are in the soil, bark, or even ground litter.
  • BN do not affect humans, animals, or plants. They are completely compatible with beneficial insects such as ladybugs, lacewings, and praying mantids and do not harm earthworms

Beneficial Nematode Application Directions 

      There are 3 ways to apply the Beneficial Nematodes (BN). Find your pest on the list at the bottom, then use the recommended treatment number.

#1   TOP DRESSING: Mix the entire contents of the container with ½ to 1 gallon cold water. Stir well and let stand for ½ hour. Stir again and 5 to 6 quarts of vermiculite or peat moss or sandy humus.

Apply directly to affected areas. For new plants or transplants, apply around roots. Apply after sundown because sunlight will kill BN. Water thoroughly after application because BN travel best in moisture.

#2   SPRAYING: Mix the entire contents of the container with ½ to 1 gallon cold water, stir well and let stand for ½ hour. Water the area to be treated before application. Use a watering can, hose, sprayer, or pump sprayer. Always use the coarsest or highest setting to reduce damage to the BN.

Stir the mixture again and pour into the sprayer, filtering out the carrier as you go (Use a kitchen strainer or a piece of window screen.) Add the left over carrier to your soil. Always agitate the water while spraying and before pouring because the BN sink to the bottom.

Apply after sundown because sunlight will kill the BN. Water thoroughly after application because BN travel best in moisture.

#3   INJECTION: Mix the entire contents of the container with ½ gallon cold water. Stir well and let stand for ½ hour. Strain out the carrier (use a kitchen strainer or a piece of window screen), use the carrier in the soil, and let stand for another ½ hour. This allows most of the BN to sink to the bottom. Pour away the top water, saving the last pint.

Use an eye dropper or squeeze bottle to inject about a tablespoon of liquid into the burrow. Seal the hole if possible



Artichoke Moth Larvae 2: Spray Artichoke heads
Black Currant Borers 2: Spray cutting and bushes
Black Vine Weevils 1: Hoe into soil or add to potting soil
Cabbage Root Maggots 1: Put in seed furrows or on roots
Carpenter Worms 3: Inject burrows
Coding Moth Larvae 2: Spray tree trunks in Fall, Spring, Summer
Corn Earworms 2: Spray or 3: inject silks weekly
Corn Rootworms 1: Apply in seed furrows
Cucumber Beetles 1: Mix in mulch or apply in seed furrows
Cutworms 1: Apply as mulch, keep moist
Flea Larvae 2: Spray on lawns or soil, keep moist
Flea Beetles 1: Mix in mulch or apply in seed furrows
Fungus Gnat Larvae 1: Mix into potting soil
Gypsy Moth Larvae 2: Spray on lawns to kill migrating larvae
Japanese Beetles 2: Spray on lawns or 1: Mix into mulch
Mole Crickets 1: Apply to burrows, keep moist
Onion Maggots 1: Apply to furrows
Poplar Clearwing Borers 3: Inject burrows
Raspberry Crown Borers 1: Mix into soil near base
Sod Webworms 2: Spray onto sod, keep moist
Strawberry Weevils 1: Mix into soil and/or apply to roots
Tobacco Budworms 2: Spray or 3: Inject flowerbuds weekly
Weevils 1: Mix into mulch or on transplant roots
White Grubs 2: Spray or 1: Mix into soil

Wireworms                           1: Apply to seed furrows or transplant roots

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Beneficial Nematodes Mail-Back