Fish Prep Preventative Fish Bath

Product Highlights

  • Helps in preventing transfer of fish disease. 
  • Effective therapeutic bath contains a proprietary blend of natural soothing and curative oils.

About This Item

Fish Prep Preventative Fish Bath:

  • An effective therapeutic bath containing a blend of natural soothing oils.
  • Halts contamination by “cleaning” new incoming fish of disease organisms.
  • Reduces external fungus or protozoan infestations.
  • Helps prevent fin rot, tail rot, and common bacterial infections.
  • Protects delicate slime coats and repairs damaged areas.
  • Will not harm biological filters – remove carbon from filters.
  • Safe when used as directed for both fresh and saltwater fish.

How the Fish Prep Preventative Fish Bath Works:

Fish Prep contains a natural stress-reducing oil – keeps fish calm and stress-free. Allow fish to soak in the prepared bath for 15 min. After 15 minutes it is safe to add the new fish to your fish tank. Fish Prep is to be used as a temporary 15-minute bath only – and is not formulated nor intended to be used as an additive to established, populated aquariums. Never use Fish Prep in an aquarium as a treatment, or in combination with any other medications or treatments.

2-ounce dropper-cap bottle allows direct application into plastic carry-home transfer bags.