IX100 – Sequencing Timer – AC Version - Aquaponics For Life
IX100 – Sequencing Timer – AC Version - Aquaponics For Life
IX100 – Sequencing Timer – AC Version - Aquaponics For Life
IX100 – Sequencing Timer – AC Version - Aquaponics For Life

IX100 – Sequencing Timer – AC Version

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Product Description

The IX100 AC Sequencing Timer is fully automated with multiple configuration options.

The IX-100 series sequencing timing controllers (also known as percentage or indexing timers) allows you to set up your aquaponic or hydroponic system the way you need them to run! You are no longer limited to 15 minute increments with confusing dials, knobs, or DIP switches.

Select from the multiple modes of operations available. This timer has 2 relays, allowing you to interlock them together so that one relay can be on for a set time, then cycle the second relay for a different time, enabling you to automate multiple operations. Another mode will allow the relays to run independently, essentially giving you two timers for the price of one!

The timer circuitry is enclosed in a NEMA 4x weather-tight, UV resistant enclosure with a sealed cable strain relief which is safe for outdoor use. The sealed packaging keeps water, dust, and bugs out of the electronics for trouble-free operation.

Power Options

The Timing Controller can be powered with standard AC line voltage ranging from 110-240 volts, 40-100Hz. There is also an alternate controller board available that will run on DC voltage from 8 to 24 volts. This option is perfect for systems that run off-grid, eliminating the wasted power through an inverter.

The relays can be operated in either a powered or dry configuration. This allows you to apply power to the relays from the line power that operates the controller, or you can use the relays with a different power source by simply removing the jumper wires.

The heavy-duty terminal blocks provide connections to both the normally-open and normally-closed positions of the relays, allowing for several possibilities in wiring your devices!

Modes of Operation

  • Single Timer with Interlocked Relays:Both relays are locked together so that only one can change at a time. Relay A will finish its first cycle, then relay B will perform its cycle.
  • Dual Timer with Independent Relays: Both relays work as individual timers. Both “timers” can have their own timing settings so that two separate and independent processes can operate.

The IX-100 timer is preconfigured to operate in Single Timer with Interlocked Relay mode. Relay A will be on for 15 minutes, shut off for 15 minutes, and then Relay B will turn on for 15 minutes then shut off for 15 minutes. To change these settings, a USB Mini-B cable and a computer is needed for reprogramming. This style of cable is common for many digital cameras and cell phones.