Xtrasun Solar Cooling Kit

Product Highlights

  • Drains the hot air away from he bulb using solar technology.
  • Easy to install solar cooling kit.

About This Item

Xtrasun Solar Cooling Kit:

  • 90 cfm fan works in conjunction with any wattage bulb.
  • Draws hot air away from the bulb
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Silent operation
  • Easy to install – No hardware needed
  • Mounts inside the reflector using 4 magnetic nuts (included)
  • Recommended for single light installations
  • Reflector and bulb sold separately
  • Patent pending

Let your reflector shoulder some of the workload with the Solar Cool Solar Cooling Kit Powered Fan. The easy-to-install Solar Cooling kit works with the Xtrasun 6″ reflector, and consists of a solar panel array (56 mini solar panels) and a fan. The unit easily mounts inside the reflector, which positions the fan in the center of one of the flanges. When your bulb turns on, the fan springs to life and propels a cooling breeze through your reflector.

Please note that this kit was developed for 600-1000w lamps. If you are interested in running a 250 or 400w lamps, you should find other cooling options.