The Flourish Fish Farm 600

Product Highlights

The Flourish Fish Farm 600 is a complete recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) ready to raise ornamental or edible fish and provide nutrients to your plants. The system is designed to plug and play into almost any Media, NFT or DWC-based plant-growing system. Easily add any of our Growasis Deep Water Culture Troughs to create a complete aquaponic system. 


About This Item

The Flourish Fish Farm 600 recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) has been designed by The Aquaponic Source as a turn-key fish farm for any aquaculture, aquaponic, or hydroponic farm.  Simply “plug” this system into a hydroponic plant system to provide all of your nutrients from the fish. This is an extremely flexible system that allows you to operate the RAS as a coupled aquaponic system with your plants, or as a standalone decoupled aquaculture system. 

The Flourish Fish Farm 600 Recirculating Aquaculture System

Production Estimates

  • Raise various fish species: Tilapia, Koi, Catfish, Trout, Hybrid Striped Bass, Bluegill, Perch, and more
  • Harvest capacity of up to 320 lbs of live fish per year
  • Supports over 1,680 plants such as head lettuces, leafy greens or herbs in deep water culture (approx. 480 sq ft at 3.5 plants per sq ft)

How it Works

  • When the system is decoupled from the plants, water flows from the fish tanks to the fish sump
  • Clean water is returned to the fish through an automatic backwashing filter which provides both mechanical and biological filtration
  • When coupled to your plant system, fish system water flows through the hydroponic plant system, providing nutrients.  Cleaned water from the plants then returns to the fish system, and the process repeats.
  • A pump recirculates water between the plant sump and your plant system
  • Fish solids removed from the filter can be naturally mineralized and converted to plant nutrients in the Aerobic Digester tank
  • The Aerobic Digester is connected to the plant sump. Simply open the valve to give your plants a nutrient boost. Nothing gets wasted!
  • The system is designed to never discard any water.  All water is recaptured from the fish solids and introduced into your hydroponic system, or used as nutrients for outdoor crops.


  • Includes an Endurance 4000 state of the art auto-backwashing bead filtration system, automating the filtration process and minimizing labor time. 
  • Operates as a fully coupled or decoupled system
  • “Plug-and-play” with any existing media, NFT or DWC plant system. Supply and return lines are ready to connect
  • Connects easily with any Growasis Modular DWC System
  • Includes two 300 gallon fish tanks with optional viewing windows
  • Independent Fish and Plant sumps allow for safe dosing and water quality adjustments for each system
  • Heavy-duty submersible water pumps (for fish and plant systems)
  • Quiet and efficient aeration system 
  • Aerobic mineralization system for waste digestion, creates a zero-waste system!
  • Digital water quality monitoring system
  • Activated carbon water filter and autofill valve included – water levels self-regulate
  • Includes Assembly and Operations Manual


Fish tank heights are 33″ above the floor. All components will fit through standard doorways.