100 Best Aquaponics Resources

Getting Started With Aquaponics

Aquaponics gardening is a fun and cost-efficient way of raising fish and growing organic plants together. However, getting started with aquaponics can overwhelm, with so many books, blogs, videos, and approaches to building your system. So many people keep putting it off, but the truth is aquaponics gardening is so easy!

It's essential to develop your understanding of what aquaponics is. Understand its basic principles so you'll know how to start and maintain your aquaponics system

So to help you, we’ve pulled together the “100 Best Aquaponics Resources” online. These include blogs, guides, videos, DIY systems, and all the information you need to start your own aquaponics system. 

There are several categories here, some of which have multiple resources. Enjoy!

how aquaponics works

Understanding Aquaponics

1. What is Aquaponics? -This blog explained the basic principles of aquaponics and its benefits. 

2. What is Aquaponics? - A blog by the Aquaponics Source that explained the difference between aquaponics and hydroponics and traditional gardening methods.

3. How to Grow With Aquaponics in Five Simple Steps - This blog briefly explained the basics of aquaponics, the types of aquaponics systems, and the basic steps in starting your own aquaponics garden.

4. What is Aquaponics and How Does it Work? - A video that runs through the meaning of aquaponics and how an aquaponics system works. This video also includes the pros and cons of growing with aquaponics.

The Main Components of Aquaponics

Fish in Aquaponics

5. What is the Best Fish for Aquaponics- This article discusses which fish are best for aquaponics.

6. Choosing the Best Fish for Aquaponics - A list of 22 fish species that can be raised in an aquaponics system. The list comes with fish advantages and disadvantages to help you choose the best fish for your aquaponics system.

7. Caring for Fish in Aquaponics -The article discusses the proper fish management on aquaponics. It also discusses the common fish diseases and how to manage them.

8. Alternative Fish Food in Aquaponics - This article gives an aquaponics gardener ideas on producing their own alternative fish food for aquaponics.

Raising Koi Fish in Aquaponics

Plants in Aquaponics

    9. What are the Best Plants for Aquaponics - Plants grown in aquaponics grow much faster than other growing methods. An aquaponics system can grow most types of plants. Read this article to learn which plants are best for your aquaponics systems.

    10. Top 38 Plants for Aquaponics- These are simple guidelines that you should keep in mind when choosing plants for your system.

    11. How to Start Planting in Aquaponics -Planting in Aquaponics is simple. However, there are a few basic things you need to know before planting in your aquaponics garden. This article will guide you on the basics of growing your aquaponics garden.

    12. Aquaponics Plant Deficiencies - Aquaponics plant deficiencies can affect plant growth and make plants more susceptible to insects and diseases.

    13. Basic Aquaponics: What Plants Can You Grow? - A short video of Fisheries and Aquaponics Extension Specialist D. Allen Pattillo talks about what to consider when choosing plants for aquaponics systems, including rotation length, resource demands, plant’s value, and ease of growing.

    14. 3 Ways to Start Plants in an Aquaponics System- Rob of Rob Bob's Aquaponics and Backyard Farm talks about how you can start planting your aquaponics system using seeds, transplants, and cuttings. This video also includes helpful tips to help you get your way to growing beds full of veggies.

    Bacteria in Aquaponics

      15. Nutrients and Bacteria in Aquaponics - Learn the importance of nutrients and bacteria in aquaponics.

      16. Nitrifying Bacteria for Aquaponics: How to Grow Bacteria? - Want to learn more about bacteria in aquaponics? This article discusses bacteria, system cycling and how to grow bacteria for your aquaponics system.

      17. Bacteria in Aquaponics- This blog discusses the good and the harmful bacteria in aquaponics. 

      18. Nitrifying Bacteria for Aquaponics: How to Grow Bacteria? -Discusses the importance of bacteria, and how to grow them in aquaponics systems.

      19. Nitrifying Bacteria in Aquaponics - A YouTube video where Dr. Nate Storey of Bright Agrotech discusses the importance of nitrogen in aquaponics by delving into the specifics of nitrifying bacteria.


      Media-based Aquaponics System

      Secondary Components of Aquaponics

      Water Pump

        20. Water Pump for Aquaponics: How to Choose the Right Size -Read this guide to select and determine the right water pump for your aquaponics system. We'll discuss flow rate, head height, and how to choose the right water pump for your system.

        21. Top Six Water Pump for Aquaponics - A water pump is one of the most important components of an aquaponics system. This blog is about the top six water pumps for aquaponics.

        22. Selecting a Water Pump for Aquaponics - This article teaches you how to select the right pump for your aquaponics system.

        23. Sizing Your Pump for Aquaponics - A YouTube video where Sylvia Bernstein of The Aquaponics Source discusses water pumps and how to choose the right size for your aquaponics system.

        Fish Tank

          24. How to Choose the Right Fish Tank in Aquaponics- This blog is about choosing the right fish tank for your aquaponics system. It also discusses the fist to tank ratio and the factors to consider in choosing the right fish tank.

          25. How to Choose the Right Aquaponics Fish Tank - A guide to help you choose the right aquaponics fish tank

          Grow Bed

            26. Grow Bed Depth - A short blog about the right aquaponics grow bed depth for your aquaponics system.

            27. How to Choose the Right Aquaponics Grow Bed - This blog will help you choose the right aquaponics grow bed and the factors that you need to consider.

            28. Best Aquaponic Grow Bed - This blog gives you ideas on the best grow bed to use for your own aquaponics grow bed.

            Grow Media

              29. Top 17 Best Growing Media for Hydroponics & Aquaponics - This blog discusses the pros and cons of the top 17 grow media for hydroponics and aquaponics. 

              30. Grow Media For Aquaponics -A YouTube video that discusses grow media, its purpose, and how to choose the right grow media.

              31. Aquaponics Grow Media (How to Choose the Best) -If you are totally new to aquaponics, it’s critical that you understand the functions that aquaponics grow media provides, the factors to consider when choosing aquaponics grow media, and some of the most common grow media used by aquaponics practitioners today. This article explores each of these topics, and others, 

              Bell Siphon

                32. Why You Should Use a Bell Siphon for Aquaponics - This article covers the importance of a bell siphon for aquaponics systems. The components of a bell siphon and how to install and how to troubleshoot bell siphon problems.

                33. How to Make a Bell Siphon and How Bell Siphon Works - Rob Bob’s YouTube video on making a bell siphon for aquaponics.


                  34. What is Aquaponics Biofilter? -Do I need to add a biofilter? It is one of the frequently asked questions in aquaponics. To answer the question, we wrote this article to discuss biofilter, what it is, and do you need to have one in your aquaponics system.

                  35. Aquaponics: Biofilter Tank - See how a biofilter tank can assist in the aeration and nitrification process in aquaponics and fish ecosystem in this Youtube video

                  36. Aquaponic Equipment: The Biofilter - Discusses the importance of biofilter in aquaponics.

                  37. How an Aquaponics Biofilter Works- Explains the basic principles of a biofilter and how it work

                  Grow Light

                    38. Lighting Guide for Indoor Aquaponics- This article is a guide on using grow light for indoor aquaponics systems. It also discusses the four common grow lights used in aquaponics.

                    39. Indoor Aquaponics Grow Lights - Most frequently asked questions about aquaponics grow lights are discussed in this article.

                    40. Indoor Grow Lights–What types of lights are used to grow plants? - Discusses the grow lights requirements for indoor aquaponics systems.

                    Grow Lights In Aquaponics

                    Types of Aquaponics Systems

                    41. Pros and Cons of Different Types of Aquaponics Systems - This blog gives the pros and cons of different aquaponics systems. To help you choose the best aquaponics system for yourself.

                    42. Comparing the Different Methods of Aquaponic Growing - Within the aquaponics system, there are three main growing methods of growing that can be implemented. This blog discusses the three main growing methods of aquaponics.

                    43. What is a Media-Based Aquaponics System? - Learn the strengths and weaknesses of a media-based aquaponics system.

                    44. What is Nutrient Film Techniques (NFT) in Aquaponics -By understanding the advantages of the Nutrient Film Technique, learning about the common problems and how to overcome them, and choosing the best plants for your system, you can quickly harness the power of NFT for aquaponics.

                    45. What is Raft Based System of Aquaponics - If you’re considering aquaponics and want to set up a Raft System, this article is for you.

                    46. Types of Aquaponics Systems  - A YouTube video that discusses the 3 different types of aquaponics systems.

                    Getting Started with Aquaponics

                    47. The Ultimate Aquaponics Beginners’ Guide -If you plan to build your system or purchase a complete system, This Ultimate Aquaponics Beginner's Guide will serve as an overview, giving you all the information necessary to get started with your aquaponics system. The essential things you need to consider and the essential checklists are listed to help you plan your system accordingly for the success of your aquaponics system.

                    48. Aquaponics Systems: The Simplest Way to Build at Home - A simplified guide on how to start your own aquaponics system at home.

                    49. What is Aquaponics–A Definitive Guide to Start Your Own Aquaponics System - A guide to starting your own aquaponics system

                    50. Aquaponics 101 - Everything you need to know in aquaponics includes tips and techniques on starting your aquaponics system.

                    51. The Starters Guide - Aquaponics Plans - If you’re starting your aquaponics system, but don’t know where to begin? This is a rundown of what is considered being the most simple and logical plan in starting aquaponics.

                    Tips on Getting Started with Aquaponics

                    52. Getting Started Checklist - Whether you plan to build your system or purchase a complete system, this checklist is designed to help you. Learn some of the most important considerations in starting your aquaponic system.

                    53. Getting Started With Aquaponics Gardening - Getting started with aquaponics is easy if you know the basics.

                    54. How to Start anAquaponics Garden: A Beginner’s Guide for Preppers -This guide provides an introduction to indoor aquaponics gardening so you can grow enough food indoors regardless of what is going on in the world around you.

                    Frequently Asked Questions on Aquaponics

                    55. Aquaponics FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions Answered - These aquaponics FAQs webpage can answer many of your questions.

                    56. DIY Aquaponics FAQs - A collection of FAQs to those who want to know the cost of starting their aquaponics system.

                    57. Aquaponic Gardening- Some basic aquaponic gardening rules of thumb for aquaponic beginners.

                    Aquaponics Maintenance

                    58. Tips for Monitoring Water Quality in Aquaponics - A blog that shares tips on monitoring water quality in aquaponics.

                    59. 7 Rules-of-Thumb to Follow in Aquaponics -A FAO shares these seven important rules to follow in starting and managing your own aquaponics system.

                    60. The Most Common Aquaponics Problems - Discuss the most common problems in aquaponics and how to solve them.

                    61. Basic Aquaponics: Maintenance and Tips -Now that you have a miniature aquaponics system, how should you take care of it? Fisheries and Aquaculture Extension Specialist D. Allen Pattillo discusses upkeep and troubleshooting.

                    Aquaponics DIY Ideas

                    62. How to Use Fish to Grow the Best Indoor Plants - A blog that shows ideas on making your own indoor aquaponics system.

                    63. How to Build a Cheap DIY Backyard Aquaponics System! - A blog that discusses how to build a cheap DIY aquaponics system in your backyard.

                    64. 15 DIY Aquaponic Plans You Can Actually Build - This blog shows 15 DIY aquaponics system ideas that you can use as a guide in building your own aquaponics system.

                    65. Aquaponics Design - 3 Easiest System Builds for the Backyard - A YouTube video that shows 3 of the easiest DIY aquaponics systems you can build yourself. These systems can be added to or tweaked to suit your needs.

                    66. Backyard Aquaponics: DIY System to Farm Fish with Vegetables - A backyard Aquaponics system setup that you can get ideas in building your own aquaponics system.

                    67. How to Make an Indoor Aquaponics System -This article is one example of a DIY indoor aquaponics system using commonly available components and few extra materials from your local hardware store. This system can be built in your living room or bedroom.

                    Home Aquaponics Systems Kits

                    68. The Best Aquaponics Kits to Get You Started at Home - Top 10 aquaponics home system kits that you can purchase to start your aquaponics system.

                    69. 10 Best Aquaponics Kits Of 2021 - Home Aquaponics for Indoor Use - A list of 10 best home aquaponics kits that you can use for your indoor aquaponics system.

                    Commercial Aquaponics

                    70. Aquaponics Business Plan -A simplified business plan in aquaponics to give you ideas on making your own aquaponics business plan.

                    71. A Guide to Planning a Commercial Aquaponics Greenhouse - A guide to give you ideas to get you started building your own commercial aquaponics system.

                    72. Sustainable Harvesters Commercial Aquaponics Farm Tour - A tour on Sustainable Harvesters Commercial Aquaponics Farm to show the behind the scenes of growing greens in aquaponics

                    73. How Profitable Is Aquaponics -Aaron Park of Manna Farms in South Korea explaining how profitable commercial aquaponics farms are per month. 

                    Books to Get Started Growing with Aquaponics

                    74. 4 Best Aquaponics Books for Beginners - Four of the best books available that are a must for every aquaponics beginner.

                    75. Best Aquaponics Books -A list of the best books available for aquaponics and aquaculture. These books cover a range of beginners to expert-level topics.If you need to increase your knowledge of aquaponic gardening and building a DIY system, one or more of these books can help.

                    76. 8 Best Aquaponics Books to Get Started Growing - A list of books necessary for getting knowledge about aquaponics.

                    Aquaponics Components Review

                    77. Top 5 Best Aquaponics Grow Media - Grow media replicates soil from traditional gardening, so it’s essential to choose the right aquaponics to grow media to optimize your plant’s growth.

                    78. Top Growing Media for Aquaponics - Growing Media are cleaner and sterile alternatives to the soil. Learn more about the growing media that you can use in your aquaponics system.

                    79. The Best Aquaponics Fish Tanks - Buying Guide & Recommendation - If you want to get started with aquaponic gardening, a water tank specially made for aquaponics is the best. This article is a buying guide on fish tanks you need to use in aquaponics.

                    80. Top 10 Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Buyer’s Guide- Check out this review list and the buying guide to learn how the best LED grow lights can improve your hydroponics/aquaponics system.

                    81. Top 7 Must-Have Products for Your Aquaponics System - Here are the top 7 must-have products for your aquaponics system that will ensure that everything runs fine, causing no hindrance to the operation, fish, and plants within your system.

                    Aquaponics How - To Videos

                    82. How to Check Aquaponics Water Quality for Beginners - How to check water quality in your aquaponics system.

                    83. How to Safely Cycle Your Aquaponic Set-up - How to cycle your aquaponics system without fish (fishless cycling).

                    84. How to Plant and Harvest in Aquaponics- How to harvest lettuce in a media-based aquaponics system.

                    85. Aquaponics Walkthrough Episode 4 - Planting Seeds- Walk through the process of planting seeds and transplanting the seedlings into your aquaponics system through this YouTube video.

                    86. Aquaponics Plans (DIY - Build Your Own Aquaponics System) - Free aquaponics system plans and designs to help you create your own home DIY aquaponics system

                    Aquaponics Community

                    87. Aquaponics for Beginners - A worldwide Facebook community for those aquaponics beginners, where you can share your systems, problems, and ideas.

                    88. Aquaponics- A Reddit aquaponics community where you can post questions about aquaponics.

                    89. Aquaponics - A worldwide Facebook community that talks about aquaponics.

                    Off-Grid Aquaponics

                    90. Solar Powered Vertical Aquaponics System - An original solar-powered vertical aquaponics system design, created by Eric. The vertical system uses a ‘x 12’ foot space and is powered by a single 250 - watt solar panel and a small DC water pump/filter system.

                    91. Design An Energy-Efficient Aquaponics Greenhouse -This ebook provides a framework for aquaponics growers to DIY and design a durable, cost-effective and abundant aquaponics greenhouse. The principles used in this greenhouse can be applied in any climate and size.

                    92. How to Build an Off Grid Hydroponics or Aquaponics System: Survival Hydroponics -A short video on adding a solar battery system to the NFT hydroponics system. This process also works in an aquaponics system. Great for anyone who wants to start their own off-grid aquaponics system.

                    Aquaponics and Other Methods of Farming

                    93. Hydroponics with Fish and Aquaponics. What’s the Difference? - Simply put the difference between hydroponics and aquaponics.

                    94. Aquaculture and Aquaponics - A comparison between aquaponics and aquaculture.

                    95. The Way of the Future: Aquaponics vs. Traditional Agriculture - A comparison between aquaponics and traditional farming.

                    Aquaponics Success Stories

                    96. This Farmer’s Childhood Passion Grew Into One of the Largest Aquaponics Farms in the Country - Trevor Kenkel, the face of Springworks Farm, runs the largest aquaponics facility in the Northeastern U.S. Learn how he turns his passion into a successful business.

                    97. Resetting the Table: An Aquaponic Farm Rooted in Community -Meet Yemi Amu, the woman behind New York City’s largest outdoor aquaponic farm.

                    98. Local Gardener Creates A Large Scale Sustainable Aquaponics System -Learn how this amazing aquaponics system sustainably produces TONS of fresh veggies with PortFish. This system grows all the plants needed for a wonderful salad blend and some fresh vegetables for the local restaurant.

                    Other Helpful Resources for Aquaponics

                    99. Small-Scale Aquaponics Food Production - A Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Nations guide to small-scale aquaponics system.

                    100Design and Operation of the UVI Aquaponics System- Describes the operation of the University of Virgin Islands Aquaponics System.


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