Inspiring Aquaponics Designs You Can Do-It-Yourself

Aquaponics is gaining popularity these days, as many people are turning into sustainable and organic gardening. Imagine being able to grow your own food all year round in a clean, closed system with very little space and maintenance.

However, the cost of a pre-made and professional aquaponics system can be really expensive. That is why many aquaponics enthusiasts have resorted to DYIng their own aquaponics setups, and the results are really diverse, creative, and inspiring. So if you’re interested in DYIng your own aquaponics system, here are some inspiring DIY aquaponics designs that will inspire you to get started. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to create a customized aquaponics system that fits your needs, location, and space available. 

1. DIY Indoor Shelponics

If you do not have much garden space but want to get into aquaponics, you can get inspiration from this indoor aquaponics system that is made of four layers of bookshelves. This system will look amazing in lounge spaces or the kitchen area. The four or three-level planting spaces will give you enough space to plant your favorite herbs or vegetables.

DIY Indoor Shelfponics

2. Chop and Flip IBC Build Aquaponics System by Rob Bob's Aquaponics & Backyard Farm

IBC’s or Intermediate Bulk Containers converted into fish tanks and grow beds are a popular choice of many aquaponics growers because it is one of the more inexpensive vessels. It has a sturdy metal frame that helps the container hold a large body of water and the heavy weight of the grow bed.

In this tutorial video, Rob Bob shows how to create a two-part aquaponics system of the IBC tote by cutting it in half. Two-thirds of the container is used as the fish tank, while the remaining one-third becomes the grow bed for the plants. This tutorial also gives some tips which will inspire you to start your own system. 

3. The Survival Gardener's DIY Aquaponics System

The Survival Gardener created this aquaponics system using three IBC containers bought from a recycling place. One container became a 1000L fish tank while the remaining two were cut in halves and became three plants grow beds and one sump tank. 

The Survival Gardener’s DIY Aquaponics System

4. DIY Greenhouse Built From Reclaimed Windows and Doors

In his photo from Reddit,art_by_di built this DIY greenhouse from reclaimed windows and doors. He also made a 200-gallon aquaponics system inside to grow red lettuces and other vegetables.

DIY Greenhouse Built From Reclaimed Windows and Doors

5. Easy DIY Aquaponics System

If you already have an aquarium but want to get into aquaponics, then building your aquaponics system is a piece of cake. You can add a grow bed to your aquarium fish tank and start growing your vegetables. This step-by-step tutorialvideo will help and inspire you to start making your own aquaponics system. 

Easy DIY Aquaponics System

6. Bathtub DIY Aquaponics System

If you’re on a tight budget but want to start your own aquaponics system, recycling is a low-cost way to get started. This bathtub DIY aquaponicssystem is an example of what creativity can make. The bathtub system uses two standard recycled bathtubs. 

A bathtub aquaponics system works well and is very simple to operate. This system will produce good results if properly managed and what’s excellent with aquaponics is, you can easily expand later on if you want a bigger system. 

Bathtub DIY Aquaponics System

7. DIY Small Aquaponics System

This small DIY aquaponicssystem is great for indoors or places with small space available. In this video, the grower set up the aquaponics on the second-floor balcony, and plants were grown in pipes and net cups. Red gourami fish were raised in the system to produce nutrients for the plants. This system shows that you do not need large space to create your own aquaponics system. 

8. How To Build DIY Aquaponics System For Beginners For Backyard 2021 by DIY & Garden with BiBi

This video is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a simple DIY aquaponics system at home. It also shows how to make your own fish tank, and grow beds with siphon and filter. The video also gives some tips for building your own aquaponics set up. This is excellent for aquaponics beginners who want to grow organic vegetables at home.

9. DIY One Barrel Aquaponics System 

You will just need a barrel, drill, and jigsaw to build this simple aquaponics system. This step-by-step guide with photos will explain the process of making the single barrel aquaponics system. This type of aquaponics system is excellent for aquaponics beginners who want to start small and save on start-up costs. 

DIY One Barrel Aquaponics System


10 DIY Outdoor Aquaponics System by Mililani Aquaponics

This video is an overview of the two aquaponics systems built in an outdoor setting. Tilapia and koi were grown to provide the necessary nutrients for the variety of vegetables grown in the system. 


Making your own DIY aquaponics system can be a rewarding project if you start on the right track. Don’t worry if you’re a total beginner in aquaponics; there are many free resources and aquaponics gardening tips available online. You can also read our ultimate aquaponics beginner's guide to get ideas on the things you need to start your own aquaponics system..

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