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  • Hydroponics with Fish and Aquaponics. What’s the Difference?

    Both hydroponics and aquaponics grow plants in water. The difference is the source of nutrients. Hydroponics uses chemical nutrients, while aquaponics uses nutrients from fish waste.

  • Nutrients and Bacteria in Aquaponics

    Nutrients are one of the most exciting and yet still mysterious aspects of aquaponics. For fish, this is mainly related to food, which the grower provides. For plants, the nutrients primarily come from the food provided to the fish. However, some amendments such as iron, calcium, and potassium may be needed as these nutrients not usually found in fish food. 
  • How Does Light, Water, and Oxygen Affect Your Aquaponics System?

    Light / Sun Humans see light, but we don’t need light to survive. Plants, on the other hand, need light to live. People who aren’t gardeners sometimes presume that if there is enough light to see, there is enough light for plants to thrive. Make sure to understand the amount light that your plants needs to thrive.
  • What Are The Benefits of Aquaponics? Organic Farming and More Benefits

    Growing vegetables in your own aquaponics system has many benefits for both you and the environment around you. Small-Scale Agriculture Aquaponics allows growth of a significant amount of food in a small footprint and in high density areas. Organic farming, water savings, and more benefits.
  • Basics of Aquaponics: 5 Key Elements of an Aquaponics System

    There are 5 key elements of an aquaponics system. Each of these are necessary to run a successful aquaponics system. We'll go over each of these elements in detail below. The 5 key elements of an aquaponics system are 1) Grow Bed, 2) Fish Tank, 3) Fish, 4) Plants, 5) Bacteria.
  • What is Aquaponics? A Combination of Aquaculture and Hydroponics

    The easy answer to this question is “A combination of aquaculture (farming fish) and hydroponics (growing plants in nutrient solution).” But there is much more to aquaponics.