Custom Designed Aquaponics Systems

Go Green Aquaponics offer consulting on all aspects of aquaponics from facility lay out and equipment sourcing to construction supervision and system commissioning. We design systems to meet your production goals. We develop management systems for fish and plant crop production. We write protocols for maintaining good water quality, removing and utilizing solid waste and ensuring adequate nutrient concentrations for maximum plant growth. We give perspective to newcomers and advice that will prevent costly errors.

How We Can Help

Planning and Design

This is most crucial phase where our expert puts all our accumulated resources and years of experience to work for your project. We do not believe in the typical cookie cutter approach, every system is custom designed to meet your needs. 

Construction management

We can assist you during the construction phase with Material procurement, Climate control strategies, Lighting and more.

System Inoculation and Cycling

The most critical step in an aquaponics operation is the inception of the artificial ecosystem.  We can help with the following: Bacterial culture inoculation, Nutrient cycling, Monitoring and measuring, Water quality management and more.


A well designed system is only as good as good the operational planning and the skill of its operators. We encourage every client to participate in the operation of their aquaponics facility to understand the various steps involved in the management of a successful aquaponics operation. At this stage we provide training in Seeding, transplanting and harvesting planning, Plant and fish nutrition, Nutrition deficiencies, Disease and pest control, Planning for worst case scenarios, Oversight and troubleshooting.

We'd Love To Hear From You

Interested in getting a system designed that fits your exact needs?  Whether it be a small back yard system, a mid-size system for your restaurant or school, or a large scale commercial system, Go Green Aquaponics can design you a custom aquaponics system to fit your needs!

Just reach out to us by phone or let us know about the system you’d like via the contact form to get started!

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