AquaCycle Fish-less Cycling Kit

Product Highlights

  • This kit will eliminate the confusion about cycling that causes so much anxiety when you first start with aquaponics. Includes nitrifying bacteria for ultra-fast cycling!
  • Includes nitrifying bacteria for ultra-fast cycling

About This Item

AquaCycle Fish-less Cycling Kit Includes the following:

  • Detailed instructions on how the process works and how to fully cycle your system BEFORE adding fish. This technique referred to as “fish-less cycling” has become a favorite of aquaponic gardeners worldwide because it completely eliminates the exposure of your fish to dangerous levels of ammonia and nitrites.
  • Bottle of Microbe-Lift Nitrifying Bacteria
  • Powdered, soluble ammonia.No more searching for hard to find industrial products!
  • Powdered, soluble seaweed (same as Maxicrop or Seasol) to give your plants a strong start
  • Data Tracking Chart so you can follow your system’s progress and spot problems early.