1000+ Duckweed - Indoor Grown Live Organic Aquarium

  • 1000+ Duckweed
  • Indoor Grown in a Nursery
  • Pesticide & Fertilizer Free!
  • Great food for Tilapia

1000+ duckweed indoor grown live organic floating aquarium plants- , no pieces of wood, no garbage. raised on a nursery setting under strict conditions

duckweed is grown in a nursery setting and not collected in the wild like many other sellers do. if you buy duckweed collected in the wild you run the risk of introducing whatever pathogens and chemicals it is on the lake/pond the plant was collected from.

This duckweed is meant to be feed to tilapia, turtles and other pets, no fertilizer or pesticide are used.

The plants will be shipped on a Ziploc bag 

Monday- Wednesday. If you buy your plants after Wednesday 10 am your plants will be shipped next Monday.