2″ Net Cup

Product Highlights

  • A handy, durable, multi-use growing tool.
  • Grow like a pro with our assortment of net cups, mesh pots & baskets.
  • Promote healthy roots by offering even drainage.

About This Item

2″ Net Cup:

  • 2 inches tall.
  • 2 inches in diameter.
  • Perfect for raft (DWC) or NFT applications
  • Great for all your smaller plants
  • Promote healthy roots by offering even drainage.
  • Allows roots to grow through the large mesh grid promoting bigger, healthier roots within the net cup
  • Can use these with any of your favorite growing media.

These 2" net pot baskets promotes healthy roots and provides even drainage to plants for optimum plant growth. These baskets work with any kind of media - aquaponics, hydroponics or soil-based gardening. They're easy to clean since water runs right through the holes. Check out our collection of net cups baskets and other containers for you garden supplies.