3/4in Inner Diameter Black Vinyl Flexible Tubing – 100ft

Product Highlights

  • Premium Quality Flexible Vinyl Tubing
  • Black Flexible Vinyl Tubing for Aquaponics systems and other irrigation hosing use

About This Item

3/4″ Inner Diameter Black Flexible Vinyl Tubing – 100′:

  • 3/4″ Flexible Vinyl Tubing is sold only in 100-foot rolls.
  • Premium-quality black vinyl tubing does not let light in so no problems with algae growth
  • Comes curled, but straightens out as heated (sun or blow dryer)
  • Compatible with EZ Release Fittings

The 3/4" Flexible Vinyl Tubing is excellent for your aquaponics systems and other irrigation hosing use. The Item is made of premium-quality black vinyl tubing that does not let light in, so you will not have problems with algae growth. The 3/4" Flexible Vinyl Tubing is compatible with EZ Release Fittings and sold in 100-foot rolls. The Item will be shipped curled but will straighten out when heated by the sun or blow dryer.