AquaAeration Kit with 6 Outlet Pump

Product Highlight:

  • The Aqua Aeration kit includes a commercial air pump, 6 air stones, an air distribution manifold, and silicone tubing.  Everything you need to provide aeration for 200 to 400-gallon fish tanks or reservoirs.

Product Details:

Recommended for 200 – 400-gallon fish tanks

Electrical, magnetic air compressor in a high-quality aluminum alloy case, wear and tear resistant material for cylinder and piston.

Aeration Kit includes:

  • One ActiveAQUA 6-Outlet Commercial-Grade Air Pump:
    • output: 45 liters per minute
    • high pressure & high output
    • high-end aluminum alloy casing
    • electromagnetic compressor
  • 6-outlet, high-quality stainless steel & copper air manifold with individually controllable air outlets
  • Six Medium Cylinder Air Stones:
    • 2″ diameter
    • sinks to the bottom of the tank for optimal bubble distribution
  • One 30-Ft Length of Silicone Tubing:
    • flexible silicone material will never harden, crack or kink

1-Year warranty. 20 Watts, 45 liters per minute, 120V.maximum amperage is 0.17A, and maximum decibels is 45.

How The AquaAeration Kit with 6 Outlet Pump Works:

This Aeration kit comes with everything you need to start dissolving more oxygen into your water.  Aeration is provided to the water through the commercial air pump, six port air distribution manifold, silicon airline tubing, and air stones. The air manifold allows for specific valved control of each air stone.

Secure the aerator outside the tank on a firm level surface above the water level, in a place where it will not drop into the water. Aerator base has holes for mounting to a solid surface.

The aerator needs to be placed above the water level to prevent water from siphoning back through the tubing and causing damage to the unit. The aerator must be placed in a well-vented area as the same air will is distributed into the water.

Cut silicone airline tubing to the desired length. Connect each section of tubing to the distribution manifold and connected to each air stone. Place air stones toward the bottom of the tank or reservoir.