AquaUrban Aquaponics Grow Bed


AquaUrban Aquaponics Grow Bed

This is the perfect grow bed for your aquaponic system, designed with the gardener in mind.  Manufactured from extra think, food grade plastic, the AquaUrban Grow Bed is great for growing indoors or outdoors.

  • Comes in a garden-friendly terracotta color!
  • Comes with a media guard to keep all of your grow media out of your plumbing, with optional plumbing kits for Bell Siphon or Flood-and-Drain styles.

What is a Bell Siphon?

Bell Siphon Kit

A bell siphon automatically drains your grow bed once the water level reaches a high point, as a pump is continuously moving water into the bed.  When the grow bed drains, the siphon breaks and then the grow bed refills with water until the cycle repeats again.  This flood/drain action brings nutrients and oxygen into all levels of your grow bed.

Some advantages of Bell Siphons:

  1. You can run your pump continuously, which both extends the life of your pump AND enables you to use the water flow to continuously oxygenate your fish tank through an aeration bar.
  2. No timer needed, so you can eliminate a mechanical device which could fail
  3. When the water is sucked out of a grow bed via siphoning action it pulls far more oxygen through the grow media than a simple draining by gravity does.

What is the Flood & Drain?

Flood and Drain Kit

With a Flood and Drain setup, the filling and draining is controlled by a timer, which controls your water pump.  At intervals you set, (we do 15 minutes on/45 minutes off per hour) the pump will fill the grow bed.  When the water level reaches the top of the standpipe, the bed drains.  When the timer shuts off the pump, the rest of the water drains out of the grow bed.

Some advantages of Flood & Drain:                                                                                  

  1. Flood & Drain kits come with plumbing fittings to hook up to your own pump and timer
  2. Bed fills over the course of 15 minutes, once per hour, then drain
  3. No adjusting of flow rates necessary like with a Bell Siphon


Product Details:

  • Extra thick 1/4″ food safe, UV protected PE plastic designed to never bow under the heat and weight of outdoor aquaponic gardening
  • 12″ deep, 28″ wide and 44″ long, giving approximately 8 sq ft of growing space
  • 1 AquaUrban  Aquaponics Grow Bed for every 60 – 120 gallons of fish tank
  • Includes Media Guard
  • If you choose a plumbing kit, they include Bell Siphon or Flood & Drain plumbing fittings and pre-drilled holes
  • Features grip handles at either end large enough to fit two adult hands
  • Lip at 1.5″ below the top rim to indicate the “dry zone”
  • Comes in Terracotta color only

(48 contiguous U.S. states only, call for a quote if outside that area)