Aquaminiums Grow Cubes – 3 pack

Product Highlights

  • Aquaminiums Grow Cubes are specially designed to fit your Aquaminium and provide just the right amount of moisture and surface area for your plants to thrive.

About This Item

Aquaminiums Grow Cubes – 3 pack:

  • These are individually wrapped small cubes for seeds and cuttings
  • Rockwool cubes guide roots downward
  • You can set them on top of other Rockwool cubes, slabs or other growing media
  • Includes 3 Cubes

How the Aquaminiums Grow Cubes – 3 pack Works:

Rockwool is a favorite seed starting media for growers in the industry for its ability to keep plant roots aerated yet moist.  Soak the grow cubes in water before you use them. Plant seeds or transplant seedlings directly into the Rockwool cube.  The Grow-Cubes will help spread the water in the container as well as absorb moisture to keep plant roots moist between watering.  This pack is specifically designed to fit into your Aquaminiums Aquaponics System but may also be used in your own growing applications.