The Year-Round Solar Greenhouse

Product Highlights

  • The greenhouse enthusiast’s Bible! 
  • The one-stop guide to designing and building greenhouses that harness and store energy from the sun to create naturally heated, lush growing environments even in the depths of winter. 
  • This comprehensive book covers the principles of solar greenhouse design and siting, glazing materials, controlling heat loss, ventilation, and construction methods.
  • An additional section covers sustainable ways of heating the greenhouse without fossil fuels, including using thermal mass and how to store heat underground

About This Item

The Year-Round Solar Greenhouse:

Product Details:

Authored by Lindsey Schiller and Marc Plinke

Lindsey Schiller studied conventional greenhouse design and management at the University of Arizona’s Controlled Environmental Agriculture Center before delving deeply into solar greenhouse design. With co-author Marc Plinke, she founded Ceres Greenhouse Solutions to research, design and build energy-efficient year-round greenhouses. Lindsey has designed, toured and helped build hundreds of energy-efficient greenhouses spanning small residential structures to acre-size commercial facilities.

Marc Plinke, an inventor-innovator with a Ph.D. in engineering, started his career as a chemical and process engineer working for Gore Technologies. He later retrofitted his family’s 1950’s Boulder, CO ranch home into a net-zero-energy home, spurring a second career in green building design. Marc has spent the past decade applying his expertise in green building and engineering mindset to building better greenhouses, with the intention of enabling people to grow their own food sustainably, year-round.

About the Year-Round Solar Greenhouse:

Comprehensive coverage of passive solar greenhouse design including sections in Material Selection, Building Methods and How to Store Thermal Energy using a variety of simple and innovative strategies. A variety of techniques are covered in this comprehensive book, including earth-sheltered greenhouses.  This book explores in detail the available options for heating your greenhouse space without the use of fossil fuels.  Over a dozen case studies provide real-life inspiration, capped off with How-To guidance for building a durable, energy-efficient greenhouse. Variations include underground and aquaponic greenhouses and integrating solar panels to grow nutrient dense food off-grid, year-round.