Aquarium Maintenance Kit

Product Highlights

  • The Aquarium System Maintenance Kit is the perfect kit for you and your aquarium aquaponics system.
  • Refill kit for small systems including Fish Prep, D-Klor, Zym-Bac, Tidy Tank, and Ornamental fish food.

About This Item

Product Details:

This kit has everything you need to refill or replace your small or large system supplies.  The nutrients in this kit provide you with some of the most common nutrient adjustments to help keep your water a safe environment for fish and plants. This small kit comes with 4 oz bottles of each of the listed nutrients and 20g of fish food.  The large kit comes with 16oz bottles of listed nutrients and 75g of fish food.

Get a better deal than purchasing each of these products individually!


  • Fish Prep – prepares and treats new fish prior to adding into an aquaponic system – preventing the transfer of disease
  • D-Klor – removes chlorine and breaks the chlorine/ammonia bond in chloramines
  • Zym-Bac – contains species of nitrifying beneficial bacteria needed to start or accelerate the nitrogen cycle of biological filtration
  • Tidy Tank – contains naturally occurring beneficial bacteria that break down organic debris in gravel and filters while reducing sludge
  • Ornamental fish food