AquaSprouts Garden

Product Highlights

  • Excellent for growing a variety of vegetables all year long
  • A perfect tool for exploring how our natural environment works. Specialized teacher curricula available
  • The Aquasprouts garden is a self-sustaining aquaponics kit for home, office or school use

About This Item

AquaSprouts :

  • Comes in modern and black matte design
  • Custom-molded single-piece garden bed snaps together easily with the supporting legs
  • The AquaSprouts Garden is a self-sustaining aquarium & aquaponics kit for the home, office or school
  • Fish fertilize the plants. Plants clean the water for the fish. Fits any standard 10-gallon aquarium
  • This updated model includes adjustable drain extenders to quiet water flow

 AquaSprouts kit includes:

•Light Bar: Removable lighting mount allows you to hang a grow light of your choice above the Garden, and can even be further extended to accommodate taller plants. The light bar allows you to use your Garden anywhere, even when there may not be sufficient natural light.

•Pump & Timer: The kit includes a submersible 9.5 Watts / 120 V 160 gallons per hour pump. Along with a 24-hour timer that can be set for 15-minute intervals. Both the pump and timer include a 1-year warranty. 

•Grow Media: Our special clay grow media replaces soil from traditional gardening and serves as the support for your plants in the grow-bed. Porous pebbles act as a mechanical filter and biofilter substrate, trapping fish waste and uneaten food while providing ample surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow and convert the waste into nutrients for your plants. (Grow media does not degrade)

•Resources: Each kit comes with a detailed and step-by-step guide to setting up and maintaining your Garden.

* Grow light and 10gal fish tank NOT included

The 2” gap between the aquarium and grow-bed provides easy access to feed your fish. It also accommodates accessories. The Garden is easy to remove to gain full access to the aquarium.

The AquaSprout Garden comes in a modern and black matte design, which is perfect for accommodating and matching with any decor and is assembled easily with no tools required. The Modern matte black design complements a range of styles. The custom-molded, single-piece Garden bed snaps together easily with the supporting legs.

The Garden’s design is simple, freestanding, and virtually maintenance-free, making indoor gardening and a beautiful aquarium accessible to anyone regardless of experience with fish or plants. It eliminates the need for traditional fertilizers using the same principles that recycle wastes in natural ecosystems, making upkeep as simple as feeding your fish. We built the Garden to fit over any standard 10-gallon aquarium, including existing tanks, making it the perfect way to grow fresh herbs and vegetables or beautiful ornamentals anywhere.

Please note: The 10-gallon glass tank is not included and should be purchased locally

(Dimensions: 20″ x 10″ x 12″). 

Customer Reviews

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Great Product...Could use 1 or 2 more instructions

Great product! Very easy to set up! I do recommend using larger substrate in aquarium as the pump can become clogged very easily with smaller, insoluble particles. I use small black gravel and had to clean pump multiple times before I purchased a mesh filter bag to put the pump in. Since then, pump has worked as desired and advertised. I would have liked some more instructions in the package about the timer. Was confusing at first for me. Customer service has been extremely helpful and responsive, within 24hrs. Would absolutely recommend this product.