ARC 600 LED Light Fixture

Product Highlights

  • A high-output, full-spectrum LED grow light that provides impressive output and coverage to your plants,
  • Perfect for almost every artificial lighting application. 

About This Item

ARC 600 Spec Sheet

  • 550 watt power draw (at wall)
  • 110v-240v flexible power input
  • 3500K 93+ CRI LEDs


  • LED light Fixture
  • Adjustable wire hangers
  • 110v or 240v power cord

    Drive Lighting ARC 600 LED Fixture

    The ARC 600 LED by Drive Lighting is a broad-spectrum white grow light, and is perfect for almost every artificial lighting application.  Whether you are growing indoors or need supplemental lighting for your greenhouse, the ARC 600 is a powerful option with performance you can count on.  The ARC 600 features 6 COB LEDs, a large aluminum heat sink, and 4 active cooling fans to ensure cool operation.

    4’x4′ full coverage area for light-intensive crops.  Larger coverage areas are possible for less light-intensive crops, or for supplemental coverage.