Black Mozambique Tilapia Fingerlings


  • Arrive Alive Guarantee
  • Free UPS 2nd Day Air Shipping Included
  • Fingerlings are ½ to 1-inches in length
  • Live Fish Are Shipped Out Monday Through Wednesday Only

Notice: Due to State Regulations in Utah, Florida, Hawaii and Illinois, We Cannot Ship to those states. 

Your shipment will contain about a 50/50 male to female ratio, and once they are of mating age, you'll witness this incredible mating dance. Talk about sucky face behaviors. Tilapia have them coming and going. The larger one on the left, which is the male is placing his huge lips over the lips of the smaller one on the right, which is the female. Once he gets a good grip, he begins dragging her around the tank like an apache dancer, which sends the fish water flying all over the place. Somehow, this ritual ends in her swimming into one of the fish condos sitting in the bottom of their tank and laying her eggs. Then he fertilizes them.

Tilapia Depot uses a state of the art Hatchery and raise their Tilapia on a high protein Non-GMO diet to ensure they are a high quality fish that grow rapidly. You will receive a sustainable, reproducing colony with approximately a 50/50 male to female ratio.

Here’s the Shipping Story: The Hatchery carefully packs your fish for shipping in a special shipping container with the exact amount of water and oxygen necessary to insure their guaranteed live arrival. There is no extra charge for this intricate packaging required to keep your fish healthy and as stress free as possible during shipping. During the winter months, when temperatures are on the low side, they also place a special heat pack in the container just to make sure your fish travel safely and comfortably. You will most likely receive a few extra fish to take care of that rare situation when a couple of them don’t make the transit alive.

Mixed species orders will be shipped in the same bag so as not to incur extra shipping charges. If you want to mix species, please send us an email (or call) explaining the mix ahead of time and once we respond or talk with you then order the total quantity of one of the species in the mix. Make sure all species are currently available.

Shipping: Shipping is via UPS 2nd Day Air and the cost is included in the price. Shipping occurs on Monday through Wednesday in order to make sure you receive your fish before the weekend. The fish are usually in stock but sometimes they are not big enough to ship so there may be as much as a week or two delay. Out-of-stock or delayed conditions for specific fish will be posted on this page as soon as we have the information and can do so.

Important! You will receive an email from Aquaponics USA with tracking information once the fish have been shipped. Someone must be able to receive the fish.

If no one is there when delivered, then a notice will be left and they can be picked up at the UPS terminal that evening. If they are not picked up then delivery will be attempted the following day unless it is a Friday. It is best if the fish are received and cared for on the first delivery day as the live guarantee is good only for that day. You are responsible for either being at the shipping address when delivery is made or picking up the fish at the local terminal later that day.

Important!! During cold weather (below +40 degrees F) there will be a delay in shipping until the temperature is high enough to insure safe delivery.

Fish will not be delivered to Alaska in the winter.