Product Highlights

  • An effective biological insecticide that is used to control whitefly, thrips, aphids, and many other insects.
  • Based on the highly successful fungus, Beauveria bassiana strain GHA, and controls the most troublesome crop pests – even resistant strains such as Q-biotype whitefly.

About This item


Botanigard ES is a powerful biological pesticide and biocontrol for pests like aphids, thrips, whiteflies, and other soft-bodied insects.  Protecting your plants from bug infestations

Protecting your crops from pests is an important role in aquaponics farming.  Botanigard ES is a mycoinsecticide or simply a pesticide based on the Beauveria Bassiana fungi.  Since it is a fungus specifically targets and kills most soft-bodied insects without poisons dangerous to your fish or you. Use this product as part of your insect biocontrol or to help with new insects.  The fungi in Botanigard specifically target the insect’s cuticle, activating the fungi and killing the pests.  Highest spore concentration in a Beauveria-containing insecticide.  It is an effective way to safely kill insects without poisons or ineffective off the shelf sprays.