HYDROS Control X3 Controller

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HYDROS controllers allow for sensors to be plugged in that monitor temperature, pH, ORP, and water level, to name a few, and can control pumps, timers, level sensors, and much more.

It can be used as a standalone controller or it can be added to other HYDROS Controls to expand into a more extensive system.

Please note: CONTROL X3 ONLY – Power cord & accessories NOT included

Power Supply

Sense Port Accessories

There are 2 available sensor ports to expand your controller’s capabilities.

Hydros Smart Plugs

Control multiple Smart Plugs from anywhere using the HYDROS app. Use one to power your heater and another for your lighting schedule.

Probe Port Accessories

There is one Probe port available in the Control X3

About This Item


What’s Included:

  • 1x Control X3 Unit

What’s Not Included:

  • Power cord
  • Probes
  • Sensors

If you are purchasing the X3 unit to operate as a stand alone controller, we recommend purchasing the HYDROS Control Power Supply.

About Control X3

The HYDROS Control X3 can connect to two sensor devices including temperature sensors, water level sensors, and rope leak detectors. The device also includes one Probe Port for monitoring pH or ORP levels. Control X3 can send alerts and notifications and control outlets for lights, pumps, feeders, and more.

What you can expect from your HYDROS Smart Device

  • Control your HYDROS device(s) from anywhere in the world using the technologically advanced HYDROS cloud-based app
  • Ability to monitor and control your HYDROS device(s) locally through WiFi
  • Internal health monitoring to report voltages, currents, CPU status, and the internal temperature of each device
  • HYDROS Command Bus connections to transfer data and power to devices

Versatile and Expandable Without Extra Modules

Connect multiple devices to your HYDROS X3 Controller as part of a larger automated system without any single point of communication failure.

HYDROS Pinpoint pH Probe:Set target pH ranges for your system on the app and receive immediate mobile alerts when the pH rises or falls out of the safe range.

HYDROS Temperature Sensor: Configure the HYDROS app to set safe temperature ranges so that if the water temperature drops or rises out of the safe range, you receive a mobile alert. You can also set it up so that outlets with a heater, chiller, or fan plugged into them turn off when the temperature is outside the safe zone.

HYDROS Rope Leak Sensor Kit:The HYDROS Rope Leak Detection Sensor is a flexible line that detects the presence of moisture anywhere along the rope. The moment water comes into contact with it, that information can be used to alert you on your smartphone, sound an alarm, turn pumps off, and other actions that can protect your aquarium, home, or office from a total disaster.

Kit Includes:Leak sensing rope, adapter cable, & 10 mounting clips


HYDROS Water Level Sensor: The HYDROS Water Level Sensor is an optical sensor you can use for a variety of aquarium applications, such as sensing when your tank needs to be topped off or to detect when a dosing container needs a refill. It plugs into any Sense Port on a HYDROS device and does not require any additional power source.

HYDROS 4-out WiFi Power Strip:Create rules and schedules to control equipment such as pumps, powerheads, lights, heaters, algae scrubbers, UV sterilizers, protein skimmers, and whatever else you may want to control on-demand or put on a schedule. The USB ports are ideal for connecting and controlling aquarium cooling fans. One example of its functionality is it allows to program the outlet to turn on if your water temperature gets too hot and then turn it off automatically when the temperature drops within ideal ranges.

HYDROS Smart WiFi Plug: Use the HYDROS app with the Smart Plug to create rules and schedules to turn on and off pumps, lights, heaters, algae scrubbers, UV sterilizers, protein skimmers, and whatever else you may want to control on-demand or put on a schedule.

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