Instant D-Klor

Product Highlights:

  • Removes chlorine and breaks the chlorine/ammonia bond in chloramines. Instant D-Klor is a natural dechlorinator formulated using sodium ascorbate which is a natural source of Vitamin C. D-Klor’s Vitamin C is beneficial to fish, invertebrates and live aquarium plants. Instant D-Klor’s aloe vera helps to enhance the fish’s natural protective surface slime coating.

About This Item

Instant D-Klor:

Product Details:

Revolutionary Natural Water Conditioner

  • Acts as a source of Vitamin C for fish
  • Formulated with slime enhancing Aloe Vera
  • Safe for aquaponic systems
  • Ideal for live planted tanks
  • Safe for ecosystems where fish and plants coexist
  • Will not harm biological filters
  • Chemical-Free

Safe when used as directed. Active ingredient Vitamin C actually benefits fish.

Removes chlorine and breaks the chlorine/ammonia bond in chloramines used to sanitize public water supplies.

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of Vitamin C, Aloe Vera and preservatives.

How Instant D-Klor Works:

Add to tap water as follows:

1 tsp ( approx. 5 mL) per each 10 gallons of water to be treated.

Avoid direct contact with eyes and skin of undiluted product.