Microbial Algae Clean – 16 oz

Product Highlights

  • An alternative, all-natural approach to algae control as the first bacterial algaecide registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • This produtc contains patented bacteria to control green water algae in ponds and fish tanks.
  • Helps establish and maintain a clean, odor-free and algae-free pond.

About This Item

Microbial Algae Clean – 16 oz

  • Bacterial algaecide for controlling green water algae
  • Contains patented bacteria to keep a cleaner tank environment
  • Includes measuring cap
  • Safe for aquaponics, but not recommended for plants grown for food (best for Aquaminiums & Aquadorables)

How the Microbial Algae Clean – 16 oz Works:

Control green water algae and promote a cleaner, clearer tank environment. Microbial Algae Clean contains patented bacteria to offer an alternative approach to algae control. Use this biological inhibitor of green water algae in synthetically-lined in aquaponic systems.

Follow directions on the container to make sure you use the right amount for the size of your tank. Amounts will vary depending on the size. You pour the Microbial Algae Clean in your tank to help safely clean it without harming any life in your tank.

16 oz treats 4,800 gallons.