The SunBlaster Prism Lens LED powered Mini Greenhouse Kits has more focus and more light for optimal seed growth. The Prism Lens LED Strip Lights have concentrated light distribution while focusing more light onto the plant canopy.

The LED lights last on average five times longer than traditional T5 lighting. Say goodbye to 10,000 hour lamp changes and enjoy a small energy savings along the way.

This kit includes SunBlaster’s 18 inch Prism Lens LED with 6400K grow output, double thick 1020 tray, and 7″ NanoDome with molded light tracks.


  • Prism Lens LED light strip
  • NanoTech light reflector
  • 7″ NanoDome
  • Double thick tray, 10″ x 20″
  • 6′ power cord with on/off switch

Looking for a way to start your seeds? We got you covered with our 128-plug SeedlingTrays which fit nicely inside the Mini Greenhouse Kit. Widely used in the greenhouse and nursery trades, these trays are also ideal for starting cuttings.