The Original 1/2″ UniSeal

Product Highlights

  • Manufactured using the material (Alcryn) made for long-lasting and precision connection
  • Great Quality

About This Item

The Original 1/2″ UniSeal:

  •  Pipe ID 1/2″ (12.7mm)
  • Pipe OD 5/8″ (15.875mm)
  • Holesaw Size 1 1/4″ (31.75mm)

 The Original UniSeal is the most cost effective and efficient solution to replace corroded and failed seals. The most common use for the 1/2″ UniSeal is on curved surfaces such as storage drums, buckets, and even other pipes. The Original UniSeal fittings are manufactured using the material (Alcryn) made for long-lasting and precision connection and offer a 25-year warranty.