Tidy Tank – Sludge Eradicator

Product Highlights

  • Tidy Tank Sludge Eradicator keeps tanks and media clean. Tidy Tank improves water quality, reduces odors and extends the useful life of filter materials. It contains naturally occurring beneficial bacteria that break down organic debris in gravel and filters while reducing sludge and organic debris from the substrate.

About This item

Tidy Tank – Sludge Eradicator:

Product Details:

  • Keeps tanks and gravel clean
  • Reduces odors
  • Controls organic debris
  • Extends the useful life of filter materials
  • Removes sludge from substrates
  • Helps control algae by reducing algae’s food source

WARNING: Intended for use with fish only – do not use with invertebrates (mussels, clams, oysters, shrimp); or corals, coral frags or live rock (frag farms).

How the Tidy Tank – Sludge Eradicator Works:

Just use 20 drops per gallon, and repeat in 24 hours.  Exact dosing is not critical. Tidy Tank does not affect the pH. Tidy Tank may be used every 2 weeks, whenever there is noticeable organic debris or sludge is present.