VaporBond 4″ Tape TVB4 (4″ x 210′)

 Product Highlights

  • This single-sided tape is weather-resistant and has an aggressive rubber adhesive. 
  • The seaming capabilities of this sealing tape are endless and have a special “easy tear” feature, reducing installation time. Perfect for reinforcing seals in your liner.

About This Item

VaporBond 4″ Tape TVB4 (4″ x 210′):

VaporBond white single-sided tape combines a heavy duty, weather resistant polyethylene backing with an aggressive rubber adhesive. Vaporbond tape offers excellent seaming capabilities for our materials with an easy tear feature to reduce installation time. TVB4 has a WVTR of 0.18 perms per ASTM D 833. Typical applications include vapor retarders, covers, and liners.

How the VaporBond 4″ Tape TVB4 (4″ x 210′) Works:

Use to secure various vapor retarders, covers, and liners. This is not 100% guaranteed to be watertight. You will get the results you want if you apply the tape on a flat surface and are careful, diligent, and apply it correctly.