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Velcro Plant Ties

Velcro Plant Ties

How Velcro Plant Ties Work:

Velcro Plant ties wrap around your plant and back onto themselves for a secure self-gripping hold. They are an easy way to train vines or support plants. No knots required. These velcro plant ties are adjustable, UV resistant and durable.

Product Details:

  • Quick, easy, and SUPER strong. Perfect addition to any garden. Secure and guide all your plants
  • Wraps onto itself- No tying or knotting required!
  • Reusable, Durable, & easily adjustable. Much better and more convenient than wire and other forms of plant ties
  • Includes 1  roll of the best plant tie you will ever use! Perfect for securing plants to stakes, trellis and many other supports.
  • Designed to blend in with the surroundings so your garden looks its best! Perfect for gardens, house plants, vines, tomatoes, peppers, trees, flowers and much more!