Aquaponics Systems for Sale

The demand for healthy organic food is increasing each day as more and more people are turning to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Depending on where you live, healthy foods might not be easily accessible or available. But with a well-designed home aquaponics system, you can grow your food all year round in a small footprint and using minimal water. 

Go Green Aquaponics has a range of home aquaponics systemsto start your home aquaponics garden in your backyard or commercial aquaponics business. So get started today with these ready-to-use aquaponics system kits. 

Home Desktop Aquaponics Systems

1. Aquasprouts Garden

 Aquasprout Garden Desktop Aquaponic System

About the Aquasprout Garden Desktop Aquaponic System:

This desktop aquaponics kit is excellent for growing a variety of vegetables in your home, office, or classroom all year long. This 10-gallon home aquaponics kit comes in a modern black matte design that adds beauty to your room. The kit includes a light bar, pump and times, grow media, and a detailed step-by-step guide for setting up and maintaining your garden. 

To buyAquasprout Garden Desktop Aquaponic System, click here

2. Mini Aquaponics Ecosystem

Mini Aquaponics Ecosystem

About the Mini Aquaponics Ecosystem:

This mini aquaponic aquarium includes everything you need to get started with your aquaponic system. This self-cleaning aquaponics ecosystem requires 50% less cleaning than traditional fish tanks. This is great for learning DIY aquaponics, so go ahead and start your aquaponics journey with this cute desktop aquaponics kit. The kit is a 3-gallon self-cleaning system and includes everything you need to start.

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Home Backyard Aquaponics Systems

1. Go Green Aquaponics System

Go Green Aquaponics System

About the Go Green Aquaponics System:

With a choice of a double or single grow bed, this system is perfect for any indoor or outdoor aquaponics garden. The kit includes a 100-gallon fish tank, grow bed, pump, tubing frame, grow media, and step-by-step instructions on setting up and maintaining your own aquaponics system. This aquaponics system kit will let you grow your favorite vegetables or plants while add beauty to your home.

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2. The Harmony Aquaponics System

 Harmony Aquaponic System

About the Harmony Aquaponic System:

The Harmony system offers 18 ft² of a growing area that can produce healthy crops all year round. It also comes with grow beds and grow media that are great for fruiting crops such as tomatoes, peppers, leafy greens, and herbs. This system is perfect for backyard and indoor aquaponics gardens, giving your family a fresh crop harvest and adding beauty to your home. The kit includes a power-coated metal support stand, a light bar, two grow beds, plumbing, fittings, connectors, pumps, a media guard, and detailed instructions on setting up and maintaining your aquaponics system.

To buy the Harmony Aquaponics System, click here.

3. The AquaUrban Aquaponics System

AquaUrban Aquaponic System

About the AquaUrban Aquaponic System:

The AquaUrban is one of our simplest, space-effective aquaponic systems without sacrificing quality. It is a small system that still allows for the production of edible fish. This complete package includes everything you need to get your own small-scale aquaponic system running in your home. Featuring a growing space full of expanded clay media, perfect for growing greens, herbs, and fruit crops, as well as a 60-gallon fish tank below to grow edible or decorative fish species.

To buy the AquaUrban Aquaponics System, click here.

Commercial Aquaponics Systems

Go Green Aquaponics offers consulting on all aspects of aquaponics, from facility layout and equipment sourcing to construction supervision and system commissioning. We design systems to meet your commercial aquaponics system production goals. We develop management systems for fish and plant crop production. Here are the services we offer.

Planning and Design

This is the most crucial phase, where our expert puts all our accumulated resources and years of experience into work for your project. We do not believe in the typical cookie-cutter approach; every system is custom designed to meet your needs. 

Aquaponics Design

Construction Management

We can assist you during the construction phase with material procurement, climate control strategies, lighting, and more.

System Inoculation and Cycling

The most critical step in an aquaponics operation is the inception of the artificial ecosystem. We can help with the following: bacterial culture inoculation, nutrient cycling, monitoring and measuring, water quality management, and more.

Aquaponics System Construction


A well-designed system is only as good as its operators' operational planning and skill. We encourage every client to participate in the operation of their aquaponics facility to understand the various steps involved in managing a successful aquaponic business operation. At this stage, we provide training in seeding, transplanting and harvesting planning, plant and fish nutrition, nutrition deficiencies, disease and pest control, and planning for worst-case scenarios, oversight, and troubleshooting.

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