The Best Flowers for Aquaponics Systems

Vegetables and fruits are not the only things you can grow in an aquaponics system. Flowers are also a good choice. Growing flowers with aquaponics can be fun and easy. Aside from adding beauty to your home, some aquaponics flowers can also be sold or harvested for teas or seeds. However, it can be challenging to select what flowers to grow in your aquaponics system with thousands of flower species to choose from. But in this article, you'll learn the best flowers for aquaponics systems and start growing an array of beautiful plants. 

Benefits of Growing Flowers in Aquaponics Systems

Adding flowers to your aquaponics system can bring many benefits to your home garden, and here are some of them:

  • Pest Control: Aquaponics don't use chemicals in dealing with pest problems. Pests are usually dealt with by using natural pest control methods, such as companion planting or using sacrificial plants to attract pests. Some flowers are natural insect repellants because of their scents, so adding flowers to your aquaponics garden can help control pest infestation to your plants. 
  • Culinary Use: Some flowers are edible and used to add flavor or to garnish dishes. In adding flowers for culinary purposes, always check and ensure that the flower species you have in mind are edible. 
  • Invites Pollinators: Having flowers in your aquaponics garden will attract beneficial insects such as butterflies and bees, which will help with pollination. These pollinator insects help flowers set so they will become fruits. Thus, inviting them into your garden will help if you are growing plants that need pollination, like cauliflower, cucumber, and okra. 
  • Aesthetic Reasons: Flowers are known for their aesthetic nature. Having them in your aquaponics garden will add artistic beauty to your environment.
  • Therapeutic: Growing flowers can be medicinal, especially when they are a mix of vibrant colors. Having a beautiful and colorful environment can help brighten your mood every day. 

Factors to Consider in Growing Flowers in Aquaponics

1. Temperature

The exact temperature of your system will depend on the kind of flower you are growing. As much as possible, keep your water and air temperature to the ideal range.

  • Water temperature: Warm water encourages root growth. So keep your flowers happy by keeping your water temperature range between 60°F and 70°F (15°C - 21°C)

  • Air Temperature:The air needs to be warmer than the water temperature to encourage flower growth. The ideal air temperature for flowers should be between 70°F and 85°F (21°C-29°C). This temperature range will encourage growth without drying the plants out because they have a constant water supply.

2. Water pH

One of the most critical factors for a successful aquaponics system is the proper maintenance of the pH level of the water in the system. Proper maintenance of pH level in aquaponics is essential, but tricky because of the three main living components of the system. Ensure to keep your water pH level around 7 to ensure you have a perfect environment for your fish and plants. 

The Best Method of Growing Flowers in Aquaponics

Most flowers can grow well in a media based aquaponics system because they give a firm base to their roots. You can also use the other methods for growing flowers, but your decision should be guided on the flower you want to grow. 

Best Flowers to Grow in Aquaponics System

There are many flower species you can grow in your aquaponics garden. Choosing what flowers to grow can be a difficult decision. But you can make choosing easier by knowing the best flowers for aquaponics. Below are the lists of the best flowers for aquaponics systems based on their versatility and ease of maintenance. 

Roses in Aquaponics System

1. Roses

Roses are one of the most popular and well-loved plants all over the world. They smell good, and having them means you get to have cut-flowers you can give away as a gift or sell on special occasions. Rose is a hardy flower that grows well in an aquaponics system. You can produce a variety of roses in your aquaponics garden, but you have to make sure there is enough phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium in your system. These nutrients will ensure your roses have healthy foliage and vibrant colors.

  • Tips for Planting Roses in Aquaponics

Roses grow well in grow beds and in floating rafts, but the most common aquaponics production for roses is the NFT aquaponics method. If you choose to grow your roses through the NFT method, ensure that you have the correct pipe size. Place your roses in a location where they can receive full sun. Prune bushes to encourage more blooms. The most common pests for roses are black spots, aphids, and powdery mildew. 

Nasturtium in Aquaponics

2. Nasturtium

Nasturtium bears beautiful flowers that can add beauty to your environment. Nasturtium flowers and leaves are not only edible but are also excellent at preventing pests from entering your garden. The flowers of this plant are used to garnish dishes, while we can use the leaves as peppers to add flavor to your food, making it one of the best plants for your aquaponics garden.

Growing nasturtiums in aquaponics is easy because they require little care. Nasturtiums are also a great companion plant because they help repel pests such as bugs and beetles.

  • Planting Tips for Nasturtium in Aquaponics

Nasturtiums are quick-growing plants, and they germinate within 7-10 days. They also thrive in a low heat environment, so avoid exposing them to too much sun.

Marigold in Aquaponics

3. Marigolds 

Marigold is one of the easiest flowering plants to keep in your aquaponics garden. They provide different shades of yellow and orange flowers, and they are also known as great companion plants for your vegetables in the garden. Marigold not only attracts beneficial pests, but their powerful odor prevents unwanted pests in your garden. And since aquaponics uses natural pest control methods, using marigolds as companion plants to your vegetables is a great idea. 

  • Tips for Planting Marigolds in Aquaponics

Marigolds like full sun, so place them in a place where theory can receive at least six hours of sun every day. Marigolds grow well in a media based and NFT method of aquaponics. 

Sunflower in Aquaponics

 4. Sunflower

Sunflowers are a great flower to add to your aquaponics' garden because of their attractive, bright yellow blooms. Sunflower is an edible flower making it one of the best flowers to add to your aquaponics garden. 

  • Tips for Planting Sunflower in Aquaponics

Sunflowers grow well on media beds and floating rafts and, since they can grow a bit taller, they need support. Sunflowers also need lots of sunlight to grow, so plant them in a place where they can get a lot of suns. This flower also grows well inside a greenhouse

Pansy in Aquaponics

 5. Pansies

Pansies are also edible flowers, making them a great addition to your aquaponics garden. They are also great flowering plants for beginners in aquaponics because they do not require much care. Pansies have a minty flavor, which you can use to garnish salads and desserts. Pansies are rich in an antioxidant compound called rutin, which helps strengthen blood vessels, ease conditions of varicose veins and improve overall health.

  • Tips for Planting Pansy in Aquaponics

Pansies thrive in cooler temperatures, but they also enjoy partial to full sun exposure. It is best to expose pansies to the morning sun and keep them away from the afternoon heat. In growing pansies, keep in mind to always remove dead flowers to encourage pansies to produce more flowers.

Water Hyacinth in Aquaponics

 6. Water Hyacinth

Water hyacinth is an excellent plant to add to your aquaponics garden because they help clean and purify the water for your fish. They are also perfect for fish that are sensitive to water changes. 

  • Tips for Planting Water Hyacinth in Aquaponics

One issue with water hyacinth is that it is a fast-growing plant. So you need to control its growth and prevent it from eating the nutrients other plants need and from blocking the light for your fish.  

Water Lily in Aquaponics

7. Water Lily

Water lilies are a perfect flower for aquaponics systems because they are easy to grow, require little maintenance, have many colors to choose from, and are tolerant of a wide range of conditions. They are also a great flower if you want to cover the surface of your holding tank to block out light or slow down algae growth.

  • Tips for Planting Water Lily in Aquaponics

Water lilies are fast-growing plants, so you need to monitor and control their growth. 


Adding flowers to your aquaponics garden can give you benefits in various ways since they beautify your environment and help prevent pests from entering your garden. If you want to get the best of your aquaponics garden, add plants that grow best in your system. The flowers mentioned above are easier to grow, but there are still many to choose from. Don't fear experimenting with your system and grow plants you want to grow. Thank you for reading this article. If you’re new to aquaponics, read “The Ultimate Aquaponics Beginner’s Guide. “


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