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This guide will provide an overview of yellow perch and what you need to know to raise them in your aquaponics system. From understanding the perch’s behavior to setting up and maintaining your system, we will cover all the essential information to help you grow yellow perch in an aquaponics system. 
This article will provide tips and tricks for monitoring and maintaining optimal water parameters in your aquaponics system. Following these tips ensures that your fish and plants thrive in a healthy and balanced environment.

Discover how to protect your aquaponics system from harmful pests using the safe and natural methods. Our guide covers a range of organic pest control techniques, from companion planting to introducing beneficial insects, to help you maintain a healthy and thriving ecosystem without the use of harmful chemicals.

This article is a guide to designing your commercial aquaponics system. We will cover everything you need to know about designing commercial aquaponics to help you succeed in your aquaponics business. 

This article will guide you through the process of growing chili peppers in your aquaponics system. We'll cover everything you need to know to start your own chili pepper garden.

This article will discuss the nine essential pieces of equipment that every aquaponics grower should have to monitor and maintain a successful system. So read on to learn the top eight products you need to maintain your aquaponics system properly. 

Discover vertical aquaponics systems, and their benefits, and learn how they work. Get tips on building your own system and growing your own fresh produce at home.

Learn how to keep your fish healthy and disease-free in your aquaponics system with our expert tips. From maintaining water quality to monitoring fish behavior, we cover everything you need to know to prevent common fish diseases and ensure a thriving aquaponics ecosystem.
This guide will walk you through the essential steps to setting up and maintaining a successful aquaponic system.

Go Green Aquaponics has a range of home aquaponics systems to start your home aquaponics garden in your backyard or commercial aquaponics business. So get started today with these ready-to-use aquaponics system kits. 

In this guide to water management in aquaponics, we will cover the components of the water system, how to maintain optimal water conditions, and the best practices for water testing, monitoring, and changes. 

Applying companion planting in your aquaponics garden benefits not just to plants but the whole system. This article discusses the best companion plants for aquaponics to guide you in growing your favorite crops in your aquaponics garden. 


Aquaponics is the cultivation of fish and plants in a re-circulating environment. It utilized the beneficial bacteria to convert fish waste into plant nutrients.

 This article explains why ventilation is essential for indoor aquaponics plants and how to provide airflow to your indoor aquaponics garden and plants. 

Information about aquaponics can be confusing and time-consuming at times. Here at, we want to maximize your time searching for answers to your questions by providing you with the Frequently Asked Questions for Aquaponics maintenance.

Phosphorus deficiency is another common nutrient problem that can affect your aquaponics plants. If left unmanaged, it can cause the yellowing of leaves, stunted growth, and even plant death. This article will discuss the symptoms, causes, and ways of adding phosphorus to your aquaponics plants.

Getting the right grow bed for your media based is critical to your system’s success, as it is one of the main components of a media based aquaponics system.

Aquaponics system problems are common, as growers face issues occasionally. However, by being aware and understanding the problems your aquaponics system is facing, you can have an advantage in addressing them before they even arise. This post will help you troubleshoot issues you might encounter during your aquaponics journey.